Rear frame strut series3

Originally badly welded rear frame cross members tend to rip off the frame, especially if you kick start your Lambretta or sit on it while it’s sitting on it’s stand – which is also (only) fixed to the rear strut.




Series 3 Lambrettas: The inner holes are 106mm away from the center of the frame tube, the outer holes are another 123,5mm further away.


According to Innocenti original drawings, center-to-center dimension of the long-holes from front to rear strut is 184mm +/-1mm.

On Series2 frames the position of the front strut is different, it’s about 30mm further towards the front. Sorry, no dimensions here, have a search in the LCGB forums.


The upper face of the strut is 7mm above the frame tube’s center, according to Innocenti drawings. With a mounted rear floorboard holder you can get a line for the correct height by using a long straight edge from that floorboard holder to the front strut and clamp the rear strut to it.





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  1. Hi

    Great job, I will have to do the same on mine :(.

    In addition I have an issue with the rear strut. I think I see the distance between the middle (the one you welded) and the rear being 445 +- 1. Is that right?

    do you have more plans?

    Kind regards

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